Welcome to Rainbow Autism

PERSON CENTRED SUPPORT for people with high functioning autism, ADHD and complex needs to live the life they choose. Removing barriers, overcoming social exclusion, enabling independent living and increasing mental well-being.

Our Mission

To provide a core of specialist support & services and a ‘spectrum hub’ to deliver/facilitate the pathway to meaningful activities and purpose to enable those with high functioning autism and other conditions to achieve well-being, maximise their independence and improve their life chances.

We pride ourselves in providing professional and experienced staff with a deep level of understanding of autism, some are on the spectrum themselves or are a parent of someone that is. We believe having a deep knowledge of this condition is what sets us apart from our competitors and enables others to feel confident that they are getting support from those with genuine expertise. Our service was introduced as a direct result of listening to and consulting with those on the spectrum and those who support them. Our development continues through regular consultation with our service users and so we are confident we evolve and deliver the services they say they want and need.

Rainbow pioneered a specialist support service in Worcestershire and has been revolutionary in coordinating integrated multi-agency working, from both the public and private sectors. Our collaboration with others enables us to be creative and flexible and ensure service users are supported holistically. We are innovative and unique in our approach, being both holistic and person-centred. We appreciate that everyone is an individual and their needs and choices can fluctuate and vary. As a result we provide ‘tailor-made’ support and a range of services to meet the variety of needs and choices.