This service was started in 2010 and initially ran as a drop-in service, pioneering a specialist support service for adults with high functioning autism and their carers in Worcestershire. Rainbow has evolved from running group activities to individualised support and now provides a successful and thriving outreach support service for individuals living in the community.

Rainbow is a non-profit organisation dedicated to improving the lives of those with predominately High Functioning Autism (with or with diagnosis) but we also support those with ADHD and a range of other conditions and disabilities. We support parents and carers, those that have complex needs, dual diagnosis and those with mental health issues and/or offending behaviour.


Spectrum Hub – this is a model we use that enables us to offer a strategic and holistic pathway to accessing a range of support & services.
Social and special interest groups – these meetings vary on interest and funding but currently include a male and a female group and an art/craft interest group. We can make referral to a variety of other groups we work closely with, such as carers and youth groups and the Worcestershire NAS social group.
Life-coaching/Counselling/psychotherapy/family mediation – Support is provided by suitably qualified professionals to enable individuals to reach a goal or make changes to improve their lives. This support can help improve well-being (including managing anxiety) and confidence, improve relationships and increase independence.
Benefit advice & support – enabling information and support to access benefits entitled to.
Assessment of needs & support planning – to enable individuals and others working with them to clearly identify their needs, decide on options for support and set goals to meet the needs.
Autism Diagnostic Assessment and other Clinical Diagnosis – we provide and can facilitate diagnosis.
Employment and education support - enabling individuals to access or maintain employment, education, training or volunteering. Rainbow has just introduced an exciting new project ‘Journey to Work’, which offers a variety of support and will increase the numbers of those with autism making a move into work or voluntary placements.
Information, support & signposting - enables access to diagnosis, social care assessments, housing, training and other services you require.
Independent living skills workshops/courses - enables skill building in areas such as cooking and money management.
One-to-one Outreach Support – tailor-made support to meet a variety of needs to enable individuals to improve or maintain well-being, independence and meaningful activity.
Health and well-being activities – enables confidence building, support to manage anxiety and access to either individual support or group activities to improve fitness.

Coming soon Rainbow’s ‘Journey to work’ Project