Needs assessments and support planning

A procedure carried out (or overseen) by registered, qualified social workers & support staff who have a deep knowledge and are appropriately trained in autism and other conditions.

This process allows for needs and choices to be identified and enables individuals and carers to discuss their concerns and situations and learn about the options available for support. Following on from the assessment staff, individuals, carers (and others as need requires) decide on the support to be put in place, with hope that individuals will achieve the goals they set and/or get the support to make changes to their lives to ensure better future outcomes.

Diagnosis & classification of AS spectrum

Rainbow has a trained professional to carry out Autism Diagnostic Interview Revised (ADI-R) and Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule, second edition (ADOS-2). We also provide diagnosis of autism and other conditions through our partnerships with other clinical professionals as well as facilitating referral to other clinical services.

One-to-one outreach support

We provide ‘tailor-made’ support in the community to enable individuals to meet a range of needs. Our support includes help to: access & maintain accommodation; improve & maintain mental well-being; attend appointments or deal with correspondence; access employment/education/training or other activities; build skills, friendships and social networks; improve relationships with others; minimise risk of conflict or offending behaviour.

Pathway to access regular social groups and community activities

Through our association with various community groups we provide opportunity for individuals to gain confidence and build self-esteem, improve well-being, create friendships and receive peer support, build/enhance social and communication skills, and stimulate interests in such activities as art/crafts, sports/fitness, music, history etc. Carers also have chance for short-break respite and support.

Employment preparation and access to voluntary and paid work placements

We support individuals to make the move into paid work or volunteering. Rainbow has successfully supported many to make good use of their skills and interests & provided the opportunity to take up voluntary and paid employment in a range of settings. We have also supported many others to maintain their placements. 2017 brings the introduction of an exciting new venture to Rainbow, the ‘Journey to Work Project’, that aims to increase the numbers of people with autism and other conditions accessing work and voluntary placements.

Support for individuals and their parents/carers

We can provide access to groups and professionals that offer peer support or help to improve understanding and be better prepared to support those in their care. Rainbow has provided a lifeline for those with autism and their carers and provided opportunity and support to improve relationships and minimise the risk of family breakdown.

Individual advocacy and benefit advice

A service we provide to ensure individuals have information and support to access all the benefits entitled to. Rainbow has specialist benefit advisor’s (one with many years’ experience as member of the TUC Disability Forum) who deals with ESA and PIP cases for those on the spectrum, and range of other disabilities and conditions, as well as and their carers - giving advice or, increasingly, managing the whole application process, including Appeals and Tribunals.

Independent Living Skills & Well-being Workshops/Courses

We deliver or facilitate workshops/courses and therapies with partner organisations to promote personal development and to maintain or improve wellbeing. The workshops/courses vary depending on the need and funding available but have previously included money-management; benefit advice; cooking skills; healthy living; anxiety management; fitness classes and alternative therapies.

Autism Related Training Our staff, associate trainers and service users can provide autism and other training to meet a variety of requirements and budgets.