Since joining Rainbow Autism I have made friends with other adults that have Aspergers Syndrome; people that have been on life journeys that I can relate to and they can relate to me. With my Rainbow friends I have started to play chess, something that I have not done since I was a child, and recently, I have started to play badminton; something that I last played 28 years ago. The staff at Rainbow Autism are friendly, patient, empathetic and go the extra mile to help all people that neeed support. Weekly meetings are relaxed with activities that people wantto do. The pleasant atmosphere and friendships that have been made between service users and carers has led to additional social evenings and events being organised. The outreach and benefits advice service has had a big impact on my life: The frequency that I see my psychologist has reduced to monthly. Support when I am troubled. Help with my finances and benefits. Supported me through finding an appropriate property.


When I came to Rainbow I was feeling very iisolated and did not have many friends or go out of my home that often, but with the support of the staff there I have been able to get out to the group twice a week. I now have friends there and help while there. Rainbow has helped me when things have beeen very bad and I felt like I was at crisis point; at times feeling like taking my life but with help and guidance from the Rainbow staff, I have been able to realise there are other options and not all is hopeless.


Finally I've found a place of safety and where I truly belong.


The difference Rainbow has made to my son and myself has been incredible; it has given us both our lives back.